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Certificate Course in Robotics in Food Industry

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Course Fees: Rs. 2,500/ person

Number of Modules: 10

Time & Date: You can join anytime and complete this course at your own pace.

Certification: A short Google Form quiz should be completed after which Certificates will be processed. This course provides 1 Certificate & 1 LOR.

Credential: Registered under Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India (UDAYAM-TN-02-0165884), an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization (QZ NRG 2022396). Affiliated to Indian Council for Professional Education Mission (ICPEM), Registered under NITI Aayog, Govt. of India (KA/0021735).

Course Eligibility:

Any Healthcare, Food Service or Food Technology degree student or professional.


  1.  Rise of the Robots
  2. Food Bots- Robots in Food Industry
  3. Bridging Physical & Virtual World
  4. Food Properties & Robot’s Handling
  5. Robotics in Food Farming
  6. Robotics in Food Processing
  7. Robotics in Food Packaging
  8. Robotics in Cookery
  9. Robotics in Serving Food
  10. Prospects of Food Bots

Course Preview